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DermaVital® Preface Package 1

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  • DermaVital® Preface treatment was specifically designed to enhance the results of your DermaWand®.
  • DermaVital® Preface prepares your skin with an exceptional blend of hydrating moisturizers.
  • This silky cream combines extracts of Chamomile and Aloe.
  • Optimizes your skin’s ability to receive the enriched oxygen and thermal energy from your DermaWand®.
  • Formulated to enhance the results of the DermaWand® but can be used alone.

Skin Quench:

Pamper your skin with moisture while reducing the signs of aging with this DermaVital Skin Quench Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer
Luxury moisturizer helps manage the visible signs of aging.
Contains super hydrators of tamarind extract and hyaluronic acid plus exotic extracts of palm oil, olive fruit, and Japanese bamboo.

PreFace: 2.4 oz

Skin Quench: 1 fl. oz.