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“My mother gave me a DermaWand® for my 59th birthday and it depressed me at first. How could she expect me to be the pretty, young daughter she used to have at my age. It sat unused in the box until I went out of town last weekend. Knowing I would have extra time on my hands, I took the DermaWand® kit. I watched the video and read the instructions and tried it just for the heck of it. WOW. In two days, the droopy bags under my eyes were noticeably smaller. My eyes were visibly more open because the puffiness above and below was reduced. After seven days, I look less tired and the chronic redness in both eyes is gone. How the heck does that happen? I don’t have time to waste. My life is demanding with little free time, but the twice a day treatments are now as important to me as brushing my teeth. It doesn’t take much longer than that. And it sure makes a happy difference in my appearance. I LOVE this product!” – Andrea – Age 59 – Birmingham

“I recently purchased the DermaWand® and have been using it faithfully morning and night for almost two weeks. I believe I’m starting to see some results in some areas. My question is, I have fat pockets under the eyes, not real bad, but under one eye is noticeable to me. How do I use my DermaWand® to treat that area? I’m anxious for the six week period to be up to see if, in fact, the areas I am targeting have improved. So far, I love it and am excited! thank you.” – Brenda

“I love the wand! I saw amazing results after only 2 days’ use. Total believer in facial exercising, however, this renders even faster results. Skeptic becomes believer!! I would be remiss if I failed to mention the EXCELLENT customer service! Spoke to James after I failed to make the first scheduled payment due to identity theft issues with my card. He was outstanding in working with me. Patient, competent and poised. Going over and beyond any expected service. Kudos to the company for what matters most – – the human touch.” – Gwendolyn – Age 64 – Cameron

“I am delighted with this product. Before leaving the UK I paid £1800 for cosmetic surgery to “open my eyes”. No-one even noticed and some even thought I had cancelled the surgery!!! Since using DermaWand I have been asked by more than one person if I have had a face lift and people say I look fantastic. I am 60 years old and have been told several times I could pass for 50. In my view the best beauty product on the market.” – Theresa – Age 60 – Brisbane

“I bought it in (’08). In these 5 days, I have noticed an excellent improvement! My overall face seems tighter, the smallest lines I can’t even see, it’s great! I have not noticed the same firming on my neck, so I am going to spend 3 minutes on my neck alone and see what happens. It’s not the moisturizer, since I am using my same one – it’s the wand.” – Cetanni

“I have been using my DermaWand® for a few weeks now and love it! I’m 55 years and was told by a plastic surgeon whom I saw two weeks ago for a consultation that my skin and neckline are so firm and taut. My co-worker ten years younger than I also asked me how I managed to have such firm skin. I told her it was genetics, but seriously it’s the DermaWand®!” – Kathleen P.

“I purchased and received my DermaWand® 2-3 weeks ago. I read through the pamplet prior to using it, and did a few of the extra treatments that were suggested in the pamplet. I saw immediate results in the diminshing of my forehead wrinkles and my eyes were lifted immediately, though the effects lasted temporarily. With each use I notice my wrinkles and the bags under my eyes are diminishing, my pores are shrinking, and my skin is firmer. I too, have had a few pimples, and my skin seems oilier, but it possibly can have something to do with the face products I use. I alternate between Principal Secrets and Reviva’s products.. but have many others in my arsenal against aging (I am a skin care product junkie.. hehe). I will be 52 years old in 2 days, though I am told I look much younger.. (It may just be people trying to stroke my ego, as well.. hehe) I also started using the Tua Viso Electronic Unit for Facial Gymnastics about 6 weeks ago, which I really like, too, but it is very time consuming, so I have cut down to every other day on that, but the DermaWand just takes 5 minutes twice a day, and you are done. Great product!” – C. Funk

“DermaWand® truly works. I use it twice a day, every day; My skin is firm and toned. Thanks a lot Christina for DermaWand!” – Manuel H. WE GUARANTEE IT – 100%!