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Aesthetician Created
All Natural
6 Minutes a Day

Customer Reviews

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I demand a guarantee for this purchase because despite the good use that I have always given it, it no longer works, it is not broken or anything, it simply no longer works, when I plug it in it no longer works as before, it no longer has any effect, it does not make any sound or make any noise. nothing, that's why I'm upset because it got damaged very quickly

Anita Tsourmas
Love toning my face!

I received the Derma Wand approx a month ago and love it!!! I’ve only missed a couple of days and felt sad that I did. I’m 53 and really started to look it. People used to think I was in my 30’s when I was in my late 40’s. Then I went through some trauma and stopped taking care of myself. During that time, when I’d say I was 53, people weren’t shocked anymore. They’d always say I looked younger before, but that ended when I didn’t care for myself and my face started to droop. I broke my femur bone and ended up hospitalized for 2 months. During that time, I decided to get over feeling bad for myself and get myself back the way I was. No, even better! I heard about Derma Wand and have been faithfully using it. I had to go back to the hospital for a foot reconstruction, just one week ago. Every nurse was shocked at how I looked for my age!!!! They thought I was in my 30’s and one young nurse, thought even 28 or 29! With no make up! And I notice a big difference. The jowls are fading away, as well as the wrinkles. Proof that your face needs to have toned muscles as well. I’m very happy with this product and highly recommend it for anyone. But stay focused and work your face daily. It really doesn’t take long and you actually start to look forward to it! The scent it gives off is fresh and soothing. Thank you to the creator! Thank you for helping me with the positive changes in my life. I truly appreciate you.


The light quit working


My order arrived in excellent condition, thank you.

Brenda Murray
The Derma wand It came in perfect condition brand new the shipping was fast and I loved the quick...

Great product works perfectly glad I ordered it again I had the original but this one is the pro and its much better.